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Reggora Pipeline Views: Take Control of Your Appraisal Pipeline

Each day, mortgage lenders managing their appraisal pipeline must make important decisions about which tasks to prioritize. Which appraisal orders are most pressing? How can you quickly see which orders are still waiting for payment? Have yet to be assigned to an appraiser? Have come back ‘subject to’ and require a follow up?

Whether using a legacy appraisal management system or relying on trusty old spreadsheets, it’s challenging to manually sift through each order to find those that require immediate attention. Compound that with historically low interest rates driving unprecedented appraisal volumes, and even the most advanced users struggle to keep up.

Efficient, exception-based appraisal pipeline management

Imagine a tool that would allow you to quickly identify turn time bottlenecks or payment delays.

A holistic view of all appraisal orders in the pipeline, showing which orders should be prioritized for follow up at a glance. By providing access to loan file data, order information, and data coming directly from the completed appraisal, Reggora’s  Pipeline Views functionality makes prioritizing orders easier than ever.

Pipeline Views is a  feature within Reggora’s lender platform that allows users to create custom filters using any variety of data points and business logic. This means that you can leverage a wide array of data to build rules and exception-based workflows to more efficiently manage your appraisal pipeline. The interface is extremely easy to use (no excel certification required) and enables you to easily focus on the tasks that require immediate attention. 

The platform is pre-configured with default filters and rule logic, which you can use as building blocks to create your own ideal filters and workflows. In the example below, we show the rule logic that you can use to create a custom view of orders that are waiting for payment and created more than three days ago (WFP > 3 days).

Below you can see the actual filter view, which has 42 orders to be addressed.

This, of course, is just one example of how you can leverage the custom filters. You’ll be able to create any number of unique pipeline views to meet your needs -- for example, you can choose the criteria for orders that you consider “rush” or that “require attention.”

Who benefits from appraisal Pipeline Views?

Pipeline Views enable lenders’ different roles and teams to segment their pipeline based off of the attributes they care most about. From the appraisal managers to loan officers and underwriters, each role can benefit in different ways. This type of exception-based appraisal management has benefitted lenders like PRMG, but how granular can the platform get for each user?

Let’s look at some specific use cases… 

How appraisal managers benefit from Pipeline Views

Appraisal teams need to stay on top of their appraisal vendors and ensure their requests are being fulfilled in a timely manner. With Pipeline Views, you can easily: 

  • View orders with the status “finding appraisers” that are due in less than seven days
  • View orders that are from a specific branch
  • View appraisals that have come back “subject to”
  • View orders in the “revision requested” state for a particular loan officer

How loan officers benefit from appraisal Pipeline Views

Loan Officers like to keep their borrowers in the loop and make sure all of their orders are on track. With the Reggora platform integrated into your loan origination system (LOS), your Pipeline Views will be visible there as well. You can easily: 

  • View orders where the borrower has yet to pay for their appraisal after two days
  • View all of their open orders
  • View orders that are missing inspections

How underwriters benefit from appraisal Pipeline Views

Underwriting requires identifying which appraisals need attention and which ones do not, and then addressing the ones that do as quickly as possible. Automated appraisal reviews can play a role in making an underwriter's job easier, saving lenders time and money. But just a simple switch in views can focus underwriters on the right tasks to take on. With Pipeline Views, underwriting teams can:

  • Easily create a waterfall-style flow where more experienced users are flagged on more problematic reports (for example, using CU Score)
  • Get notified right away if a report comes in undervalue
  • Get matched to orders based on expertise using things like loan type, loan amount, geography and more

The Ultimate Benefits of Pipeline Views

With sky-high appraisal volumes pressure-testing your pipelines, it’s vital for lenders to find operational efficiencies, tighten turn times, and improve the overall borrower and loan officer experience. See how the streamlined process helped North Easton Savings Bank cut turn times by 35% and gave loan officers an improved experience in this customer story. Similarly to improving the loan officer experience, Assurance Financial drastically enhanced the borrower experience with Reggora, outlined in this recorded webinar.

Reggora’s Pipeline Views give all key players more visibility and control of their order pipelines, making it much easier to prioritize efforts and eliminate blockers. With less wasted time tracking down orders and statuses, appraisal teams can spend their time on what really matters: nurturing orders through the pipeline and shortening turn times. With more visibility across the entire process for all, loan officers' and borrower satisfaction improve as well.

Interested in learning more or seeing Pipeline Views in action? The usability for lenders is featured in the lender's guide for panel management best practices or if you're ready to see for yourself click here to contact our team and request a demo.

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Reggora Pipeline Views: Take Control of Your Appraisal Pipeline