Upgrade your wholesale channel's appraisal process

No more managing logins for every broker and every AMC portal.
With Reggora, brokers order every appraisal in your existing TPO portal

Why Reggora?

Differentiate your broker experience

Allow brokers to easily order and manage appraisals within your existing TPO portal

Improve your borrower experience

Automatically collect payment in your branding, deliver final reports & more

Ensure compliance with appraiser independence requirements

Make sure broker orders are allocated to vendors in compliance with AIR

Automate your wholesale appraisal process

Give your team and your brokers a modern, efficient process for every appraisal

Appraisal ordering

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Borrower payments

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Compliant allocation

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GSE submissions

“Reggora’s team is always there and available. We’re also an Encompass user and for lenders thinking about switching over to the TPO world, the integration was fantastic.”

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Kevin Peranio
Chief Lending Officer
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