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Why use The Appraisal Marketplace?

Faster turn times

Get appraisals done faster than ever before

Lower revision rates

Save time & money with reports done right the first time

Less fee escalations

No more costly fee escalations that frustrate borrowers

Dramatically improve your appraisal vendor performance

Built on our Appraisal Management Platform, The Appraisal Marketplace gives lenders the fastest turn times, lowest revision rates, and lowest fee escalation rates in the industry.

“Uber-style” allocation algorithm

Using the real-time data running through Reggora, the marketplace automatically matches each order with the appraiser that’s truly right for the job. The algorithm uses an appraiser’s proximity to the order, their proximity to an order that already exists, how many orders they’re currently working on, each order’s due date & much more.

Supports all valuation products

The marketplace provides Conventional, FHA, USDA, non QM, Jumbo, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac products. This includes full appraisals and supporting forms, drive by appraisals, desktop appraisals, property inspection (like Fannie Mae’s “Value Acceptance + Property Data” and Freddie Mac’s ACE+ PDR) & hybrid appraisals.

“Within a matter of weeks we saw a 35% improvement in our turn times. That’s a dramatic improvement, especially in the craze of a refi wave where if we can cycle through them faster, we can bring on more & more business.”

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Jim Dell’Anno
VP & Sales Director, North Easton Savings Bank
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