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Use Reggora's appraisal vendor management software to turn your appraisal process into a competitive advantage

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Why Reggora?

Better borrower experience

Close faster, simplify payments, and streamline the inspection scheduling process.

Shorter cycle times

Automation reduces your appraisal turn times and revision rates so you can close faster.

Empowered loan officers

Turn LOs into trusted advisors by keeping them informed on every order.

Automate slow, manual appraisal tasks

Give your team a modern, efficient platform to manage every appraisal   

Appraisal ordering

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Borrower payments

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Appraiser allocation

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Inspection scheduling

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GSE submissions

“This software has really shrunk our turn times, opened up communication and transparency, and given us a lot less surprises — which allows us to hit many more closing dates.”

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Kevin Peranio
Chief Lending Officer
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Modern, user-friendly solution

Manage all of your appraisals in one place — your LOS. Accelerate your operations by running every order through one efficient process.

A partner with appraisal expertise

Reggora focuses exclusively on appraisal management; we will guide you through a practical, proven approach to appraisal modernization.

Efficiently manage a panel, AMCs, or both

Reggora makes it easy for you to manage orders with appraisal vendors however you see fit.

Nationwide appraiser network ensures coverage

Tap into the industry’s largest appraisal vendor network for instant vendor coverage wherever you need to close a loan.

Customizable for every branch

Each of your branches is unique. Use different branding, appraisal vendor panels, and default payment methods for every branch.

Reimagine your appraisal vendor management

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