Make sure every appraisal is high quality

Run every report through one efficient, AI-powered QC process

Why use Reggora Appraisal Review?

Reduce your cost per loan

Significantly reduce underwriting costs

Reduce your repurchase risk

No more costly buybacks due to poor appraisals

Ensure compliance with fair lending practices & investor guidelines

Keep appraisal quality in line with counterparty requirements

Make your review process much more efficient

Reggora Appraisal Review combines powerful features to streamline the appraisal review process, reduce repurchase risk, and ensure adherence to quality standards.

Streamline your review workflow

Seamlessly assign underwriters/reviewers based on predefined loan criteria, prioritize orders, and review rule results within the Submissions tab. Easily track unassigned orders and monitor the progress of assigned orders, empowering efficient order management.

Use comprehensive rule results

With increased repurchases in the market, it's vital to identify potential problem areas. Reggora Appraisal Review automates clerical checks for completeness, consistency, compliance, and valuation analysis. This frees up valuable time for underwriters to focus on critical analysis while maintaining consistency and compliance.

Make your review process more transparent

Generate a comprehensive artifact capturing property information, GSE findings, Reggora Appraisal Review insights, and reviewer comments. This artifact acts as a documented history of the review process, ensuring transparency and compliance.

Seamless integration with your LOS

Achieve a seamless integration between Reggora Appraisal Review and your existing Loan Origination System (LOS). This enables effortless order assignment, transfer of commentary, and the exchange of review artifacts, streamlining the entire review process.

Ai-powered bias detection

Reggora Appraisal Review takes the first steps towards detecting bias by using artificial intelligence to perform fair lending checks on appraiser commentary. It highlights potentially biased language to reviewers, along with context on why it may or may not be biased, saving time and minimizing issues that may arise from biased commentary.

Built into your order management platform

Unlike other appraisal review tools, Reggora Appraisal Review is fully integrated within Reggora’s Order Management Platform. Underwriters can conveniently access the order timeline, engage in conversations with appraisers, and interact with the review process seamlessly.

Reimagine your appraisal review process

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