Simplify your appraisal  payments

Make painful payment processes a thing of the past

Image of Reggora's automated email payment link to borrowers, helping lenders easily collect payments for appraisals

Why Reggora?

Improve your borrower experience

Let borrowers conveniently pay online, in your branding.

Eliminate revenue leakage

Collect the right amount even if the deal falls through or has a change of circumstance.

Empower your loan officers

Automatically let production know when payment is requested, completed & more.

Automate your appraisal payment process

Save time by letting Reggora’s PCI-compliant solution do it for you.

Collect payment

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Pay vendors

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Organize accounting

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Prepare 1099’s

“Looking back to when we were in it, the manual process didn’t seem like a big deal because that’s the only thing we knew. Now that we have Reggora, looking back it’s like, ‘Oh my goodness, what a joke, like how did we do it?’”

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Tiffany Bishop
Mortgage Processing Manager
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Modern, mobile-friendly solution

Most appraisal payment technology is out-of-date. Reggora combines modern technology with a simple user experience to eliminate frustration.

Easily switch AMC’s without sending a new payment link

Change AMC’s on an order without having to send a new link, or confusing the borrower with different payment links from each different AMC.

Pay correctly even if you switch vendors on an order

Reggora pays vendors after an order is complete so you can switch vendors without handling refunds and repayment.

No more reconciling invoices

Reggora organizes everything for your accounting team in one place, saving countless hours of manual work.

Ensure PCI compliance

Reggora’s solution is payment card industry compliant, meeting all security standards for keeping customer data secure.

Reimagine your payment process

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