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Reggora’s Approach to Customer Support

Bad support is frustrating and time-consuming, upsetting colleagues and vendor partners alike. Even worse, it risks completely derailing your technology initiative and straining relationships with your borrowers.

Any successful technology deployment doesn’t just rely on a good product - skilled support and product expertise are critical in ensuring that your solution actually helps you reach your goals. A combination of high-quality technology and reliable support will enable you to efficiently solve the business problems you set out to solve.

Most technology vendors don’t intend to provide poor support. They may lack the financial resources to staff their support teams adequately, or their technology may simply be so antiquated that there isn’t much a support representative can do when things go awry. 

That’s why Reggora built a modern appraisal management platform and heavily invested in a team with both industry and technical expertise to support it. In this article, I’ll share how we structure our support efforts, our performance around key support KPIs, and the feedback we’ve received from our lender partners.

Reggora’s customer support

When it comes to support, there are two key areas we invest in - let’s take a look at each:

  1. The channels we offer support through and our service level agreement (SLAs)
  2. How we provide support at every touch point across each of these channels

Support Channels, Hours of Operation & SLA’s


  • Chat
  • Email
  • Phone


  • 9am - 6pm ET


  • 2 - 4 hours, depending on the ‘criticality’ you mark on the support request - the higher the urgency, the faster our response.

How We Provide Support

Just as important as the work we do is how we do our work. While solving a case is our core goal, the best thing that we can do as a team is make the most of every experience and every interaction. For many lenders, we are the team they will deal with the most at Reggora - our goal is to make a support hiccup a positive experience. Here are the core tenants of our support team:

We are your partners:

Our job is to be good partners to all of our users. Even though you reach out to us when something is wrong or you don’t know what to do next, we want you to look forward to working with our team, and walk away feeling you are understood and have had a positive experience.

We offer a workaround whenever possible

We will sometimes need to tell you that you cannot do what you’re asking to do within our platform, but that doesn’t mean we can’t achieve your desired outcome another way. Whenever possible, we will tell you what you or we can do instead, so you can still solve the business problem you set out to solve. 

We give details, explain why and how:

When we’re answering your questions, we always aim to give as much detail as possible. This helps you learn more about Reggora, contextualizes your question or problem, and helps build trust with you.

We own all of our cases

When we pick up a support case, we are responsible for its outcome. We are cognizant of all of our open cases, and work through them even as new cases are opened.

We solve the problem, not the outcome:

You may come to us with very specific requests or questions - you want to do exactly XYZ. We may not be able to accommodate your request exactly - but we can almost always solve your problem in another way. Being able to understand and address the root problem or concern is what sets us apart as a company and as a team - we leverage our product knowledge, industry knowledge, and best practices to guide you in the right direction.

Urgency matters

Certain cases are inherently urgent. Even when there is no clear urgency, there may be a fast-approaching closing date, a rush to lock a rate, or a borrower ready to walk. While we can’t do everything at once and need to prioritize based on our understanding of both explicit and implicit urgency, we always aim to respond as quickly as possible.

Reggora’s customer support results

We don’t just handle support requests to the best of our ability and move on, we actually measure our performance against key metrics so we can consistently improve. We look at response time data, ticket resolution data, and qualitative feedback. 

Response Time

Over the past 60 days, our median first response time is 18 minutes. Our subsequent (second, third, etc) response times are within the 2 - 4 hour SLA window.

Ticket Resolution Time

Over the past 60 days, our median time to resolve a support request is 3.9 business hours.

Feedback from Customers:

“Reggora has continuously proven they were the right choice. Their customer service and support as we grow has been huge. Their ability to adapt and pivot to our ever changing needs allows for us to stay ahead of the market.” - Brandon L. |
“Reggora has really helped streamline the AMC management process with heavy technology. Any major concerns, escalations, or recommendations are always well received & acted upon for improvements. The personnel team there is fantastic to work with which really helps drive the partnership forward.” - Brett Johnson | SoFi Bank
“We implemented Reggora about 2 years ago and I also worked with them at a previous job. The ease of ordering with a few clicks and having all payments and correspondence in one place is wonderful. The follow up support has been amazing.” - Christy Wilmoth | Rapid Mortgage Company

Need more support from your appraisal technology partner?

If you need a partner that goes beyond providing you with technology, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re happy to connect you with our existing customers so you can hear about their experience firsthand.

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Reggora’s Approach to Customer Support