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Reggora Partners with Pulse to offer Salesforce Integration

I’m excited to announce our partnership with Pulse, the premier SaaS solution for Salesforce’s mortgage CRM. Our partnership allows lenders to manage their appraisals directly from Salesforce. Reggora's core functionality is now available inside the CRM, allowing lenders who use it - on its own or in conjunction with an LOS - to make their appraisal process much more efficient. 

Now, a loan file flows through Salesforce and, once your criteria for an appraisal order is met, it automatically triggers an order in Reggora. Your team sees the status of the order, can communicate with all stakeholders on the order, and easily manage the order through completion. All within the CRM.

We now have a few lenders live on the integration and it’s been fantastic to hear the positive feedback from their teams. Pulse has been a great integration partner on each project, and their industry expertise helps customers set their Salesforce instance up in a way that truly meets the unique needs of a mortgage lender. We’re able to extend that to the appraisal process quickly and easily. 

Let’s take a look at what you can now do within Salesforce and cover some of the common problems it solves. 

Automatically Order Appraisals with Salesforce Triggers

Reggora's integration with Salesforce allows mortgage lenders to automatically order appraisals using configurable triggers within the CRM. This allows you to ensure appraisals are ordered at the right stage of the loan process, based on criteria you set at the loan file level. This simple automation can cut days out of the appraisal process, and frees your team up to work on high value tasks. As always, production staff are notified when this happens (and every time the appraisal’s status changes on their loan).

Real-Time Appraisal Status in Salesforce

Gone are the days of juggling multiple platforms to check appraisal statuses. Now, every appraisal's status is visible directly within Salesforce. Instantly see when the inspection has been scheduled, payment is collected, the report is completed, and much more. This allows operations staff to make sure the order is moving along correctly, and allows production staff to answer any borrower questions without waiting for a response from ops. 

Streamlined Communication within Salesforce

With multiple stakeholders involved - production, ops, appraiser, borrower - communication can become a problem quickly. Reggora's integration ensures that all stakeholders involved in an appraisal can communicate efficiently within Salesforce’s Conversation Log. This centralized communication streamlines interactions, reduces misunderstandings, and saves everyone from another painful game of phone tag. Of course, production staff are prevented from communicating directly with the appraisal vendor in order to remain compliant with industry regulations and your organization’s unique policies.

Automated Borrower Payment Collection

With Reggora's solution, collecting payments from borrowers becomes an automated, hassle-free process. Payment links are automatically sent to the borrower based on loan level criteria you set upfront. They can also be manually triggered, or resent, by any of your staff if you choose. From there, Reggora handles everything. Borrowers conveniently pay online and Reggora holds payment in escrow and pays each vendor when the report is complete. Our solution even organizes all of the details for your accounting team in one place and prepares 1099s for each of your vendors. All of this automation saves your finance team a remarkable amount of time handling vendor payments, taxes and more. 

Exception-Based Pipeline Management through Salesforce Reports

Because we can create triggers in Salesforce based on appraisal order milestones, it’s simple to build reports with all of your orders at each milestone. This makes it incredibly simple for you to take an 'exception-based' approach to pipeline management. This strategy allows you to quickly identify and address appraisals that are off track, ensuring that every loan that needs your attention gets it. And perhaps more importantly, it means you don’t have to waste time checking on appraisal orders that don’t actually need intervention.

Integration with CRM and LOS Together

Reggora doesn't stop at CRM integration. It also seamlessly integrates with your Loan Origination Systems (LOS). This dual integration enables lenders to accomplish various tasks simultaneously, optimizing both the CRM and LOS. Your production staff may work primarily inside Salesforce, so you might appraisal status and communication shown there, but your ops staff might work primarily in your LOS, so you might want orders triggered based on milestones in the LOS. That’s one example, of many, that we accommodate by integrating seamlessly with both systems. 

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Reggora Partners with Pulse to offer Salesforce Integration