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Meet the Team: David Pfeifer

Welcome to Reggora’s Meet the Team series! Reggora is powered by a team of smart, hard working people dedicated to the mission of appraisal innovation, and we’ve all taken very different paths to get here. In this series, we’ll introduce you to different members of the Reggora family. This week features David Pfeifer, who joined Reggora in October of 2020 to lead the Lender Enablement product team.

David Pfeifer: Product Manager

Image of Reggora Product Manager David Pfeifer as part of the "Meet the Team" series

Q: Tell us about yourself. Where did you grow up? Go to school? What do you enjoy doing?

A: I’m originally from a small town called Merrimack, NH - known for an Anheuser-Busch plant and outlet shopping (maybe where my taste for sipping and shopping came from!). I went to Harvard University in Cambridge, MA, where I concentrated in cognitive neuroscience and evolutionary psychology. I was a springboard diver in college, which spurred my love for acrobatics and dance. My most embarrassing obsessions during quarantine was becoming a *content creator* on TikTok, and no, you cannot have my handle!

Q: Where did you work before Reggora?

A: I started my professional career as a Product Analyst at Wayfair. I was a member of the Catalog Media Team, which was responsible for getting millions of digital media assets (images, videos, etc.). Wayfair was a great place to cultivate my product skills at a large-scale operation. One of my biggest accomplishments there was standing up the first iteration of an asset-agnostic uploader tool for Wayfair’s own proprietary digital asset management system. It was used by dozens of teams and hundreds of employees, so it was empowering to deliver something so valuable to the company. 

Q: Why did you join the Reggora team?

A: I needed to get a job at Reggora - I even applied to 3 positions for good measure (product manager, associate PM, and the general application!). When I thought I didn’t hear from HR (check your spam folder, folks), I bugged Jennie Harney over LinkedIn.

I get fired up over a few things: real estate, technology, and innovation. When I found Reggora, I had no doubt they focused on all three, so I had to learn more! I could tell the product team was a powerhouse of innovation and powerful outcomes, and I couldn’t be happier where I’m at now. :) 

Q: What do you do here at Reggora?

A: Oh how startup folks have to look good wearing multiple hats! Generally, I lead the Lender Enablement product team - we aim to solve key areas of lender friction while also delivering innovative features that automate lender workflows. We are breaking out a new sub-team that will focus on products that enable all financial transactions to take place more seamlessly - internal, external, lender AND vendor sides! I’m looking forward to seeing what our team can accomplish. 

Q: What’s something that’s surprised you since joining the team?

A: I can’t believe how tight-knit the Product Team is! At my previous company, it was very business oriented and relatively serious. At Reggora, I’ve cultivated not only excellent working relationships with my colleagues, but also lasting relationships outside of work. Just last week we boated in Boston Harbor on Dan English’s boat! I have been so pleasantly surprised by the close personal bonds the Product Team has catalyzed over my time here.

Q: If you’re building your dream house with unlimited money, where are you building it and what are the best things about it?

A: Omg - what a great question. Is it cheating if my dream house is already built? It’s on the actual point of Millstone Point in Tuftonboro, NH right on Lake Winnipesaukee. It has sprawling grounds, 6-8 bedrooms, 2 wings jutting out from a central, fabulous entryway right on the lake. It overlooks “The Broads,” Lake Winni’s largest and deepest stretch of water, and it faces south with terrific views of Mount Gunstock. That house will be mine one day with the main obstacle being I think the Marriott family owns it. If anybody has a bargaining chip for the Marriotts, let me know!

Q: What is your favorite part of your job or best part of being on the Reggora team?

A: I love the amount of responsibility I am entrusted with at Reggora. In previous roles at larger companies, it was easy to get swept up into monotony and the status quo. At Reggora, I am constantly being challenged (in a good way) to expand my knowledge and my skill set. I think my trajectory, growth, and professional potential have all been expanded at Reggora, partially because of how quickly the company is growing, but also because company leaders prioritize career development (I’m looking at you, Kevin Flynn!). Also shoutout to the Product Team generally for making me feel so welcome and accepted.

Thank you, David for always working around the clock to deliver an amazing product for our customers, and for talking with us today!

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Meet the Team: David Pfeifer