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Meet The Team: Steve Romm

Welcome to Reggora’s Meet the Team series! Our team is powered by smart, hard-working people dedicated to appraisal innovation, and we’ve all taken very different paths to get here. In this series, we’ll introduce you to team members across Reggora. This post features Steve Romm, who first joined Reggora in October 2018 as a then Software Engineer and now is the Technical Lead of the FinOps Team.

Image of Reggora Technical Lead of the FinOps Team Steve Romm as part of the "Meet the Team" series

Q: Tell us about yourself. Where did you grow up? Go to school? What do you enjoy doing?

I grew up just outside of Boston in Newton, MA, and went to school at Lehigh University where I majored in Marketing. After college, I moved to Beijing, China, and while I was only planning on staying there for 6 months, that quickly turned into 6 years! Fast forward to today - I’m back in my hometown of Newton living with my wife Venus and our 8-month old daughter, Hannah, and of course our 2-year old pit/lab mix, Milo. I enjoy spending time outdoors with my family, traveling, and pretty much anything related to cars and motorcycles. Fun fact: My last year in China, I took a 3,000-mile motorcycle trip around the country.

Q: Where did you work before Reggora?

While I was in China, I worked for CBRE on the Retail Services team where we worked with global retailers entering and expanding into the Chinese market. One of my favorite memories from CBRE was when I co-led a research project across 38 cities in China. After I moved back to Boston I worked as an Account Manager at Forrester, a technology research and advisory firm.

Q: Why did you join the Reggora team?

Two main reasons 1) Reggora’s product, and 2) Reggora’s culture. 

While I was at Forrester, I had a strong desire to move closer to the actual creation of software and technology as opposed to just research and conversations around the impact of the technology. I had been teaching myself to code for a few years up to that point, and I decided to enroll in a coding boot camp to level up my skills. Shortly after completing the boot camp, I joined the Reggora team as a Software Engineer. I was really excited to jump back into Real Estate, especially as an Engineer this time joining an early-stage startup with an incredible team!

Q: What do you do here at Reggora?

I am the Technical Lead on the FinOps team. We build and maintain the systems around various payment workflows on our platform and support the needs of both our internal and external stakeholders. Being the “Money Team”, we wrap up every morning standup meeting with our team chant - GET MONEY!!! It’s a surprisingly hilarious and refreshing way to begin the workday.

Q: How have you handled the switch to remote work?

Overall, I have really enjoyed the switch to remote work. I love the flexibility as well as the time saved on the commute. The real winner, however, is my dog, who we rescued from a shelter when covid first started. He has no idea that back in the day, dogs used to stay home all alone while their owners would leave them to go to work.

Q: How has Reggora grown or changed since you've been here?

It’s been incredible watching Reggora grow over the past 3.5 years. When I first joined, the entire company consisted of less than 10 people, and now we have grown to over 150 employees and have become a major player in the Appraisal Industry. It’s been quite a ride so far, and I’m really looking forward to what the journey will bring next.

Q: Is there anything else you'd like us to know?

We’re always looking for talented Engineers! Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn if you are interested in learning more about Reggora.

Many thanks, Steve — not only for sharing with us, but for all of your hard work helping lead the FinOps team at Reggora! Anyone curious about Reggora should take Steve up on his offer!

We’re continuing to hire across all departments here at Reggora. To learn about joining the team and see our open roles, visit

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Meet The Team: Steve Romm