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Meet the Team: Tim Beaudette

Welcome to Reggora’s Meet the Team series! Our team is powered by smart, hard working people dedicated to appraisal innovation, and we’ve all taken very different paths to get here. In this series, we’ll introduce you team members across Reggora. This post features Tim Beaudette, who joined Reggora in February of 2021 to help bring top engineers to the team.

Image of Reggora Technical Recruiter Tim Beaudette as part of the "Meet the Team" series

Q: Tell us about yourself. Where did you grow up? Go to school?

So, I am Timothy Beaudette, I am originally from Uxbridge, MA and now live with my buddies in South Boston. I went to Saint Joseph’s College of Maine where I played baseball and studied Sports Management w/ a minor in Business. I really enjoy hanging out with my friends, watching sports, coaching/playing baseball and drinking beers!

***Fun fact I am actually an Eagle Scout!***

Q: Where did you work before Reggora?

Before working for Reggora, I worked for a great company called Onward Search, where I started off as a Business Development Manager and finished as a Technical Recruiter.

Q: Why did you join the Reggora team?

I joined Reggora because 1. I have always wanted to become an internal recruiter but 2. Because of the culture here. It is truly unbelievable and the best culture I have ever been a part of/ worked for. People here not only truly value each other's opinions but also mine. To me, that means so much!

Q: What do you do here at Reggora?

I am the Technical Recruiter here at Reggora. So, I currently recruit on all the Software engineering positions along with Product positions as well! As part of my role I get to speak with incredibly ambitious and inspiring professionals everyday, which is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. 

Q: What’s something you've learned while working at Reggora?

Something I’ve learned about in general while working at Reggora is how sincere people are and how people are so willing to extend a helping hand. I think it’s awesome to see how much people care here, not only about your own personal growth but career growth as well. I truly think that is what separates Reggora from a lot of other companies.

Q: What's something that's surprised you since joining the team?

Something that has surprised me since joining the People Op’s team is how great everyone is and how collaborative we all are. Since we are working fully remote, we need to make sure that we keep our process in regards to hiring and making decisions extra efficient. It’s been amazing how quickly we’ve been able to recruit and scale the team here.  

Q: If you had a free ticket to visit any place in the world, where would you go and why?

That is a great question: I would say Disney World! I haven’t been since I was a kid and would love to go back.

Q: What is your favorite part of your job or best part of being on the Reggora team?

Favorite part of my job is sourcing candidates and being part of the hiring process when we look to bring a candidate onboard. I feel that the engineering team here really trusts me and we have built a great partnership. I would also say that my team is one of my favorite parts of Reggora -  we're always ready to back up one another.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like us to know?

I would say if you are currently looking for a job, reach out to my team. Reggora is an unbelievable company to work for and I am truly grateful to work here. Not only do folks here truly care about your opinion but your opinion is always heard!

Great getting to know you, Tim! Thank you for sharing, and thank you for helping to grow our amazing Reggora team!

We’re continuing to hire across all departments here at Reggora. To learn about joining the team and see our open roles, visit

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Meet the Team: Tim Beaudette