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Easily Manage Custom User Roles and Permissions within Reggora

The list of things lenders must stay on top of throughout the loan process is a long one, with the appraisal often being one of the most lengthy and high-touch of steps. In order for a borrower to close his or her loan, an appraisal must be completed, containing a number of touch points along the way, including Loan Officers, Appraisal Desk members, Processors, Underwriters, and more. Each of these roles have specific, highly regulated roles and responsibilities regarding this process, and ensuring each role has the proper information at the proper time can be a task all on its own. 

Reggora removes the guesswork and concern out of your team’s workflow by providing custom user roles with granular permissions and highly customizable settings down to the branch level. With Reggora, you can be confident that each stakeholder across all of your branches has the information they need (and only what they need) on time, every time, all on one platform. This ensures your appraisal operations to not only stay compliant, but also operate efficiently. 

User Roles and Permissions

User roles are one of the first things configured when you implement Reggora as a new customer. The options are limitless — create as many user roles as you desire for your organization. Lenders often choose to create roles based on job function, i.e., “Loan Officer,” or their region, i.e., “Loan Officer - Boston Branch.”

Screenshot of Reggora's user management

Once these user roles are created, you will be given a wide array of permissions to enable associated with each user role. For example, Loan Officers will not have access to the appraiser information on the order or the ability to assign the order to specific appraisers, whereas Appraisal Desk users, on the other hand, have more visibility and can assign orders to appraisers and communicate with them directly in the platform. Administrators are given complete control over which roles are given visibility and access into each aspect of the appraisal process, from scheduling to payment processing. Though these permissions are typically set during the implementation process, new permissions can be added at any time and existing permissions can be edited with relative ease.

Screenshot of Reggora's user permission settings

An important feature of lender workflows in Reggora is the robust payment processing capability. While processing appraisal payments can often represent one of the more headache-inducing aspects of an appraisal, through our user roles and permissions, you can be confident that only the desired and approved users will be able to manage payments. Administrators select which roles can edit fees on an order, pay with corporate or branch specific credit cards, enter a new card, resend a payment link to the borrower, opt to collect payment at close, or receive status notifications. These same permissions are true throughout the lifecycle of the order, so if an appraiser counter offers or requests a higher fee, only certain user roles with the adequate permissions may approve these requests and determine the correct payment method in order to proceed.

Reggora also possesses SSO functionality, allowing the user roles and permissions set up in Reggora to be mapped to personas in a lender's LOS, as we integrate with most major LOS. This ensures that users only see what they are supposed to see, and can only take action on the items that they are permitted.

Branch Management

In addition to the lender user roles and permissions, you can also manage users across different branches within Reggora. Our branch management functionality allows for an additional layer of configurability to ensure each branch is operating on their desired workflow and in compliance with local regulations. Branches are able to maintain their own appraiser panel and configure their own settings, such as default payment method, whether they would like to store a branch card on file, what method of appraiser allocation they would like to use, and customize any email text for emails going to the borrower or the appraiser. The customization options really have no end.

Screenshot of the branch settings within Reggora

With Reggora’s array of user roles permissions and branch management, you are also given the ability to set up differing Loan Officer and user permissions associated with each relevant branch, should you decide to handle individual branch workflows differently. Furthermore, you will also have the ability to control which appraisal products can be ordered by particular user roles, and when they will be sent notifications. For example, a Loan Officer may want to be notified when a borrower payment link went out and when the borrower has paid, whereas a Loan Processor or Appraisal desk team member may want to be notified when an assignment was declined or when an inspection was scheduled or completed. All of this and much more is possible on the Reggora platform. 

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Easily Manage Custom User Roles and Permissions within Reggora