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Reggora Raises $30M in Series B Funding

Mortgage lenders and appraisers have been under tremendous pressure over the past 10 months. Unprecedented refinance volumes, new remote working realities, and COVID-19 health concerns have highlighted the need to upgrade legacy systems and processes across the entire mortgage experience, especially the appraisal. 

Reggora is proud to be one of the technology companies leading appraisal innovation and helping lenders and appraisers navigate the high volumes of 2020; and today we are excited to announce our $30 million Series B funding.

Reggora’s total funding is now over $45 million. Prior to this round of funding, Reggora had already raised over $15 million dollars to streamline the appraisal process. This new round of capital will help us build on these existing efforts and fast-track our mission to make two-day appraisal turn-times a reality. Additionally, we’ll be able to to continue growing our team, investing in new technology integrations, and expanding our presence and partnerships across the United States.

We are excited about the future of valuation, and how technology, data, and human intelligence will ultimately align. To learn more about our vision for the new era of valuation, read our blog and white paper on the Path to Appraisal Modernization.

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Reggora Raises $30M in Series B Funding