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Meet the Team: Joey King Jr.

Welcome to Reggora’s Meet the Team series! Reggora is powered by a team of smart, hard working people dedicated to the mission of appraisal innovation, and we’ve all taken very different paths to get here. In this series, we’ll introduce you to different members of the Reggora family. This week features Joey King, who joined Reggora in December of 2020 to work with our sales and product teams to develop workflows that fit client needs.

Joey King Jr: Solutions Architect

Image of Reggora Solutions Architect Joey King, Jr. as part of the "Meet the Team" series

Q: Tell us about yourself. Where did you grow up? Go to school? What do you enjoy doing?

A: I grew up in Meeker OK, where I went to school, and graduated in 1998. I have four children (22-19-16-13) and 3 grandkids! I love to play pool, it's my main hobby. I have won several tournaments over the years. I started playing with a family friend when I was around 7 years old and haven't stopped since. 

Q: Where did you work before Reggora?

A: I worked at another large appraisal technology company for five years. While there, I was able to develop a deep knowledge of lender appraisal workflows and understand the challenges in this process. I learned about many of the issues that today’s lenders face firsthand, and was excited to bring that experience to the team here. Previous to that I was a manager at retail locations and call centers for tech support. 

Q: Why did you join the Reggora team?

A: At my previous company, I was put on a competitive intelligence panel to help try and take Reggora down. After doing some research, I pulled a Kevin Durant and moved over to this fantastic company. The technology is on the cutting edge and our team is committed to client satisfaction. Those things resonated with me and rejuvenated my passion for this space. 

Q: What do you do here at Reggora? 

A: I assist the sales team in working through pain points and difficult workflows that need some extra attention. I also advise our product teams with ideas and reasons enhancements would be needed. My general experience in this space and knowledge of workflows really helps us close deals and transition the account smoothly to the implementations team. 

 Q: What’s something that’s surprised you since joining the team? 

A: The real passion people show toward their tasks. So many times in my career it's been like pulling teeth to get help or information. This has never been the case here at Reggora. Everyone here is extremely willing to help out and pitch in wherever needed, and even though we all work remotely, I feel very connected to my whole team. 

Q: If you’re building your dream house with unlimited money, where are you building it and what are the best things about it? 

I would want a house with a billiard room big enough to fit in all sizes of pool table. I think i would want an 8 foot table and a snooker table at the minimum. I would say I wanted it on a desert island but I also would need some folks to play with in my new big house. So I would stay here in the great state of Oklahoma. I would need it to have a large dog run for my wife's dogs and a large kitchen for my daughter to practice cooking. 

Q: What is your favorite part of your job or best part of being on the Reggora team? 

A: At places I have worked in the past, I had dealt with quite a bit of negativity. So when I was having a bad day, other people would pile on to it. This is not the issue at Reggora. Here if I feel frustrated, I get help from my team and anyone else who I need to interact with. That has been a huge culture shift for me and very refreshing.

Thank you, Joey, for joining the (not so) dark side over here at Reggora, and for introducing yourself to us today!

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Meet the Team: Joey King Jr.