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Meet the Team: Amanda Oliva

Welcome to Reggora’s Meet the Team series! Reggora is powered by a team of smart, hard working people dedicated to the mission of appraisal innovation, and we’ve all taken very different paths to get here. In this series, we’ll introduce you to different members of the Reggora family. This week features Amanda Oliva, who joined Reggora in November 2019 to support our appraisal operations team.

Image of Reggora Operations Analyst Amanda Oliva as part of the "Meet the Team" series

Q: Tell us about yourself. Where did you grow up? Go to school? What do you enjoy doing?

A: I grew up in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and moved to the U.S. at 18 to attend college at Boston University. For those unfamiliar, Honduras is a small country in Central America known for its great beaches, amazing food and producing the coolest people (amirite). In my free time you can find me hanging out with my friends and family, eating yummy food and catching up on the latest reality shows. Hit me up about any Bravo drama or to discuss #freebritney. Fun fact about me: I am the youngest of 7 (of which 6 of us are girls) so there is never a shortage of siblings to hangout with! 

Q: Where did you work before Reggora?

A: I’ve been in the real estate industry for about six years now. Throughout college, I worked at a few local residential sales and rental offices. After graduating, I joined the real estate team at an Outdoor Advertisement company where I assisted with the real estate/operational functions including servicing all leases through their duration. Around two years ago, I came to Reggora.

Q: Why did you join the Reggora team?

A: Obviously because I need a job to pay for my appreciation of the finer things in life! But really, I am here because I was sold on the Reggora dream after meeting with my manager, Alek Roberts. I believe in the product and where it is going. Everyone on this team is passionate, brilliant and on a common mission. Although I was originally drawn to Reggora because of my real estate experience, the way we are innovating the space makes it much more exciting than other more traditional opportunities in the field. 

Q: What do you do here at Reggora?

A: I am an Operations Analyst on Reggora’s appraisal operations team. On this team, we support the success of our lender clients by overseeing the day-to-day appraisal logistics. We also focus on fostering great relationships with our appraisers, who we consider clients too, ensuring they have everything they need to deliver quality, timely appraisals. Without our appraisers, we would have no appraisals to streamline! 

Q: How have you handled the switch to remote work?

A: There are definitely pros and cons, but being a (relatively outgoing) introvert, I can’t deny I love working from home. Despite the distance that quarantine has made us keep, we still manage to have an awesome culture and great working relationships! Now that restrictions are lifted, I’ve been able to enjoy being on a softball team with some fellow Reggorians here in the Boston area as well… let’s just say we’re better at appraisal tech than we are at softball. 

Q: How has Reggora grown or changed since you’ve been here?

A: When I joined the team, there were only 20-25 employees, and less than two years later we are now over 100! Although we all wear many hats today, there were ten times more in the beginning. During my first months, I helped out in what are now several different departments. I think having that experience has made me overall more knowledgeable about the company and better prepared for everyday challenges. It’s amazing to see how despite the pace we’ve grown at, it still feels like a small team where everyone is equally invested! 

Q: What is your favorite part of your job or best part of being on the Reggora team?

A: There are many things I like about being here! I love that I have the opportunity to make a positive impact by fostering relationships with appraisers. The fast pace is both challenging and rewarding - the evolving environment gives me the opportunity to grow, learn, and meet new challenges. Last, I genuinely enjoy and appreciate the people on my team. Knowing I have them makes the Sunday scaries less scary!

Q: Is there anything else you’d like us to know?

A: I have an audio/video of the exact moment I broke my foot while dancing. @Reggora employees - Catch me at the next happy hour if you want to listen to the slow sound of a bone breaking!

Eeek! I'll be sure to cover my ears when you share that video. Thank you, Amanda, for your dedication to making our lender customers and appraisers successful each and every day - our team is so lucky to have you!    

We’re continuing to hire across all departments here at Reggora. To learn about joining the team and see our open roles, visit

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Meet the Team: Amanda Oliva