Understanding Desktop Appraisals with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Recorded Webinar

Desktop appraisals have quickly become one of the hottest topics in appraisal, drawing close to 1,000 people to join the live version of this webinar – now it’s available on-demand!

Leaders from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, along with leading AMC Class Valuation and appraisal technology company Reggora, sat down to help inform lenders and appraisal vendors on everything they need to know about desktop appraisals.

  • Why desktop appraisals and why now
  • How the criteria for eligibility of desktop appraisals was selected
  • The role of technology in adopting desktop appraisals
  • What the future of appraisal modernization looks like
  • What short-term and long-term impacts can be expected when it comes to turn-times, accuracy, and market data availability

“We have to find ways to either make appraisers more efficient or dedicate them to more pressing problems. In this case, this is an efficiency play. If we can take the appraiser out of the field, then that can free them up to spend more time doing market analysis and valuation.”
-Lyle Radke - Senior Director of Collateral Policy, Fannie Mae

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