Review STRATMOR's latest insights on appraisal operations

Where do you stack up? Meet with Reggora's mortgage solutions team to discuss the STRATMOR Group insights and benchmark how your appraisal operations performs against lenders across the country.

Did you know that more than 12% of closings are delayed due to an appraisal-related issue?

Additional stats include: 
-Appraisal costs
-Turn times
-AMC vs. panel operations
-Appraisal-dedicated employees
-Pain points, and more

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“Reggora has shrunk turn times, opened up communication and helped us hit more closing dates.”

Kevin Peranio
Chief Lending Officer
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“We're picking up 35% improvement in our turn times processing appraisals — a dramatic improvement.”

Jim Dell'Anno
VP - Director of Sales
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“It was one of the easiest implementations I've done in a long time. Reggora definitely has the staff to support it.”

Jan Valencia
Systems Manager
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“Our accounting department was able to save about 15 hours per week by not having to process invoices manually.”

Eric Prue
VP of Residential Lending Innovation
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