An All-In-One Appraisal Platform

Reggora streamlines the entire appraisal experience from automatic order allocation to comprehensive quality control, all on a single core platform

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Lender Features

What We Can Do For You


We used new technology to guarantee easy implementation and a highly configurable experience to fit each lender's unique workflow


We have built out automated processes around manual tasks like payment processing, underwriting, status updates, and more

High Quality

Through our software, lenders are assured faster turn times and appraisals with fewer revisions, guaranteeing a quicker time to close

The Industry Standard Platform

Reggora offers the most granular and sophisticated appraisal software on the market with full industry compliance. In response to the complexities and regulations in today's appraisal process, Reggora's team sets up tailor made appraisal accounts that address each lender's pain points

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Built to Last

Features for Today and Tomorrow

Payment Processing

We take the burden off of your accounting team by automatically facilitating the payment between the borrower and appraiser

Flexible Order Allocation

Either use automated allocation system to assign orders or take advantage of Reggora’s appraiser scoring and manually assign orders to your panel

Instant Inspection Scheduling

We offer tools for the appraiser, broker, and borrower to streamline inspection scheduling without having to play phone tag

Automated Notifications

Ensure your stakeholder get the updates they need, when they need them with automatic status notifications

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Every Integration You Need and More


Reggora integrates with major loan origination systems, point of sale systems, and more. Through our modern technology and open API, we also offer advanced, customized integrations. Contact us to see how we can support your unique needs.