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AppraisalBuzz – Reggora Announces New Funding to Expand

This article was first published on AppriasalBuzz.

Boston – Jan. 23 – Reggora, a cloud-based appraisal platform serving both appraisers and mortgage lenders, has secured $3 million in seed funding to help it expand across the country and continue to enhance its platform. Spark Capital led the funding round, with participation from Boston Seed.

Reggora is a Boston-based appraisal technology company that partners with appraisers and mortgage lenders to streamline and optimize the appraisal process. By bringing appraisers and lenders onto the same, easy to use two-sided platform, Reggora eliminates many of the tedious and increasingly labor intensive aspects of the appraisal experience. Through Reggora, many of the manual aspects of the appraisal are condensed or removed altogether, allowing lenders to focus more on the loan process and appraisers to dedicate more time to the appraisal itself.

On the lender side, Reggora provides clients with a platform to automatically manage appraisals and internal operations more efficiently, while also reducing costs.

For appraisers, Reggora offers a totally free platform with a variety of features. On Reggora, appraisers can effortlessly receive appraisal orders from both existing lender-clients, and potential new clients. Additionally, Reggora has built out sophisticated free company management tools that help appraisal companies manage their internal operations. These tools include the ability to assign orders to other appraisers, manage invoices and finances, and view key management and accounting metrics or reports on Reggora’s dynamic dashboard.

With this new funding, Reggora plans to bolster other appraiser-focused features including rolling out its advanced free form software system nationally. Reggora’s form software will be easy to use and transition into, while offering cutting edge features like auto-population of publicly available data, dynamic sketch tools, and comprehensive map overlays. On this form software, Reggora intends to offer appraisers the most accessible and advanced tools to complete their appraisal reports.

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