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We’re Making 2-Day Turn Times a Reality

The residential appraisal process can take weeks. In a world where we can hail a personal driver within minutes and track exactly how many blocks until our pizza arrives, why should the experience of getting an appraisal (part of the biggest purchase most people ever make) be any different? That’s where Reggora comes in.

Our modern platform for mortgage lenders and appraisers leverages the latest technology, automations, and integrations to simplify and shorten the entire appraisal workflow.

Reggora has facilitated countless orders between mortgage lenders and appraisal vendors across the country. We’re shortening turn times, increasing transparency, and making the appraisal process easier and faster for everyone involved.

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A strong foundation

Our founders, Will and Brian, met as randomly assigned college roommates in 2013. They shared an entrepreneurial spirit and together launched several companies, including a successful real estate brokerage. As it began to take off, Will and Brian couldn’t help but notice how clunky the mortgage process was, especially the appraisal. Seeing the opportunity to drive impactful change in much needed space, they got to work. They immersed themselves in the industry, shadowed appraisers, interviewed lenders, and started building. This led to the founding of Reggora, and the mission to transform residential valuation.

True change requires more than technology.

Read about our vision for the future of appraisals.

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